Our prices

We make international volunteer travel genuinely affordable

Host families provide welcoming homes in which you get the chance to experience Palestine as a native, rather than a tourist

2 weeks: 750 USD
8 weeks: 1850 USD
4 weeks: 1250 USD
10 weeks: 2150 USD
6 weeks: 1450 USD
12 weeks: 2350 USD

If you prefer more independence and cooking for yourself, the experience of a shared apartment is ideal

2 weeks: 650 USD
8 weeks: 1700 USD
4 weeks: 950 USD
10 weeks: 2000 USD
6 weeks: 1300 USD
12 weeks: 2300 USD
Should you be more comfortable living alone, we understand that too

Send us a message, and together we will find something that meets your needs
What is included? Accommodation
Transportation from Jerusalem
Orientation and introduction to the history of Palestine
Guided tour of Bethlehem
Guided tour of a refugee camp
Placement in a volunteering program
Support from an assigned VP coordinator
Phone and local SIM-card
* host family only