Law and Human Rights

The Israeli occupying powers have been committing human rights abuses against Palestinians for several decades. This situation sounded the alarm among several local and international organizations working in the fields of humanitarian law, human rights law and refugee law. Laws effective in Palestine are overlapping and suffer from many inconsistencies, mainly because Palestine was occupied by many regimes; from the Ottoman Empire, to the British Mandate, the Jordanian rule, the Israeli occupation and the Palestinian Authority, not to mention that several Palestinian areas are under the jurisdiction of Israeli military law. As a result, the rule of law and access to justice, security and protection are less than minimal, if not absent, and are in dire need for reform.

Volunteers will have the opportunity to discover the legal aspect of the conflict, and will be placed in legal and human rights organizations to have a hands-on experience in the field. The work of these organizations aim to:

  • Protect human rights and promote the rule of law in accordance with international standards.
  • Create and develop democratic institutions and an active civil society, while promoting democratic culture within Palestinian society.
  • Support efforts that focus on enabling the Palestinian people to exercise their inalienable rights, self-determination and independence in accordance with international law and UN resolutions.

Volunteers will also work alongside international law and human rights experts to document human rights violations, monitor the situation on the ground, advocate for human rights, promote the rule of law, conduct research, provide legal advice and legal counselling to victims of abuse, and write reports on the state of law and human rights in Palestine.

This experience is both rewarding and invaluable for volunteers with a legal background or have an interest in developing a career in law and human rights.

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