The Palestinian healthcare systems is confronted by many challenges and obstacles, mainly the restrictions imposed on the movement of physicians and medical supplies, the lack of efficient logistics and human resources, and the fact that only 44% of Palestinians have access to customary healthcare.

Volunteers will be working in various hospitals and clinics that offer various services, such as diagnostic services, therapy, cardiovascular services, osteoporosis treatment, intensive care services, ENT services, and eye services, including cornea treatments, amniotic membrane treatments, stem cells transplants and cataract surgery. They will also work alongside general physicians, neurosurgeons and radiologists, and have the opportunity to work in the fields of rehabilitation, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, audiology, speech and language therapy, vision rehabilitation, trauma and psychology. Those interested in pediatrics will be placed at a baby hospital to provide assistance to children, mothers and families.

This program provides opportunities to all medical professionals, including students. Volunteers with first aid training are highly in demand, and we welcome those interested in providing training and courses in the field.

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