Music and Dance

Music in Palestine has been playing an important role in documenting the history and struggles of the Palestinian people. Palestinian music is often filled with nationalist themes, and despite the precariousness of the peace that exists in the region, the last 15 years have seen music in Palestine rise from being the sound of struggles to a celebration of an emerging statehood.

Dabke is the traditional folk dance of Palestine, and has been practiced and passed on through many generations. Both men and women are involved in performing the Dabke at weddings, national events and other joyous occasions, to express solidarity and the long-standing presence of Palestinian art and culture. Dabke follows different steps and rhythms, and combines straight and line dancing from right to left. Volunteers will have the opportunity to see live Dabke performances and even take lessons in the unique form of dance and embrace this traditional form of artistic expression with their host families and communities.

Folk music is often performed during big events and festivals, and sometimes, during a small gathering among friends, folks start playing their musical instruments and singing the night away. Traditional Palestinian musical instruments include oud, shebbabeh, rababeh, mijwez, yarghoul, nay, buzuk and the qanoun.

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