Visit Bedouins

Found in all Arab countries, Bedouins are nomads who call the desert their home, and have the true essence of what it means to be Arab. Throughout history, it was customary for city-dwelling Arabs to send their children to the desert during the summers to live with a Bedouin tribe, so they could learn what it truly means to be Arab, which is an experience impossible in the city.

This expedition is a cultural exchange between hosts and guests. Volunteers will have the chance to take part in guided visits and desert walks to the Bedouin villages of Palestine. They will spend the night under the captivating desert stars, taste traditional Bedouin food, drink tea and roasted coffee by the campfire, listen to traditional songs and stories, dip into the natural springs, and enjoy a camel ride on the desert sands.

Sharing the spectacular landscapes, flora and fauna of Palestine’s deserts with visitors is a celebration of the Bedouin’s living heritage. Staying with a Bedouin family will allow volunteers to dig deep into their lives and make them get a better understanding about what connects them to the land.

​At Volunteer Palestine, we believe in the importance of maintaining the Bedouin traditional way of life and we consider a trip to these communities as an experience not to be missed, because at the end of their journey, volunteers will become promoters and advocates for the preservation of the distinct culture and traditions of the Bedouins.

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