Hiking is a great way to discover Palestine‘s diverse landscape and indigenous flora and fauna. Palestine is especially well suited for hiking, considering its plentiful valleys and dry riverbeds that contain intermittent streams, which flow into the Jordan valley and the Dead Sea.

The historical and biblical significance of Palestine makes one feel like they are walking through a narrative of the Bible. The Nativity Trail marks the historic journey of Mary and Joseph from Nazareth to Bethlehem. Visitors may trek through the green hills and olive groves of Batir, taste the local produce and explore the rich landscape from Jericho to the Jordan Valley. While exploring through the numerous valleys, they may stumble upon the ancient hidden monasteries of St. George and Mar Saba hidden deep in the valleys.

Visitors can also take a journey in the Jerusalem Desert and participate in a night hike, camp under the desert stars and watch the sunset over the distant hills of the Dead Sea.

Exploring the landscape of Palestine is a great way to understand the culture and history of the land. We encourage all our volunteers to discover as much of Palestine as possible.

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